DSL Connection for Netgear D6000 Wireless Router

Installing any software of the driver is an easy task but in some of the cases, it is not so much easy one. If you are using the DSL connection then you must be searching for the ways through which you can install the setup of your device which is D6000.  Today, from this blog you will get the steps that will help you in installing the driver of the device using 192.168.1 Netgear router setup so, check out the steps that are discussed below:

DSL Connection for Netgear D6000 Wireless Router

Step 1: Just install the software of ADSL microfilter which is between your phone line and the phone that you are using.

Step 2: Using one of the port of your ADSL just connect your phone cable along with this and make sure that you have connected the other end of the ADSL along with the ADSL or the gray port of your device or D6000.

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Step 3: connect the modem router along with the power adapter and attach this along with the electrical outlet.

Step 4: After connecting check the light of the power LED and check that this must be in the solid green color which indicates that you have successfully connected the devices with each other.

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Step 5: Just connect the computer or any type of wifi device along with the D6000 device.

routerlogin net brs Netgear success

Step 6: Using the web browser of your computer. You can use any browser whether it is Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet explorer visit the website which is http://routerlogin.net

Step 7: After the completion of the loading of the website, you will be asked to enter the details of the username and the password that you can easily check from the back of your device. In some of the cases, the password is admin and the user name is admin.

Step 8: You make the selection of your country code as well as your ISP.


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